File Menu

This menu offers the following commands:


Creates a new project. If the current project has not been saved, Rainbow asks you first if you want to save it.

Shortcut: Ctrl+N


Loads an existing project file. Rainbow projects file have a .rbp extension. They are XML documents and can be created or modified with a simple text editor if needed.

You can also open an existing Rainbow project by dragging and dropping the file over the title bar, menu or toolbar of Rainbow.

Shortcut: Ctrl+O


Saves the current project data in the current project file. Use Save As to save the settings under a new filename. If the current file is without a title, for example when you save the file just after using the command New, Rainbow first asks you for a filename and location.

Shortcut: Ctrl+S

Save As

Saves the current project settings in a new project file. The new project file becomes the current project.

Recent Projects

Loads one of the projects used recently. The nine last projects are listed. When there is nine entries, the one at the bottom is dropped to make room for a new one at the top. Use the Clear Recent Projects List command to reset the list.

Clear Recent Projects List

Removes all the entries in the list of the most recent projects.

The list is located in the File menu and can count as much as nine entries.

User Preferences

Opens the User Preferences dialog box, where you can define user-specific options (options independent from the project settings).


Closes the application. If the current project has been modified, Rainbow asks if you want to save it before exiting.

Shortcut: Alt+F4