Rainbow is a Windows application that offers a palette of utilities aiming to help you during the process of localizing documentation, on-line help and software-related material.


Rainbow is used as a launching pad for Okapi utilities. The program provides a user-friendly graphical interface to specify common parameters (such as input files, encodings, language information, output file, etc.) that are used to run any utility available. The settings can be saved in a project file and re-used in later sessions.

Rainbow can also be executed from a command line. You can also use Tikal to run launch utilities from a command line or from batch files.

A number of utilities are provided with Rainbow, but you can also develop your own, or used third-party ones as well. As long as a utility is part of a component that implements the standard Okapi interface for utility sets, it can be used from Rainbow or Tikal.

See the Utilities pages for a list of the functions available in this release.

Typographical Conventions

The following typographical conventions are used throughout this documentation:

  • Any text referring to the user interface such as menu names, dialog box titles, etc. is indicated in bold and navy-blue (e.g. "Select the File menu").
  • Keyboard's shortcuts are in bold and maroon (e.g. "Press Ctrl+S to save the project").
  • Links are in blue and underlined (e.g. "Click here" or "Click here").