Command Line

Olifant can be executed from the command line if needed.

The general syntax is:

C:/>Olifant [<filename> [<parameter [...]]]

Like for any other Windows executable, to invoke Rainbow from a command line, you must either add the location of rainbow.exe in your PATH environment variable, or use the full path to olifant.exe in the command line.

The parameters of the command line are not case-sensitive.

The parameters you can use are the following:

Parameter Description
row=<rowNum> Moves to the row number <rowNum> after opening the file. The first row is 1.
col=src|trg Moves to the target column when col=trg, move to the source column when col=src (or by default).
edit=yes|no Switch to edit mode after the cursor has been moved to the specified location. By default edit=no.

Here is an example of command line:

C:\>Olifant MyFile.tmx row=10 col=trg edit=yes

This command starts Olifant, loads the TM file MyFile.tmx, then moves to the 10th row of the target column, and switch to edit mode.