Log Window

Shortcut: F9

This window contains the progress information of the last task executed, including warning and errors. It is also where you can see the progress of a task during its execution, and interrupt it if necessary.

To open the Log window, select the Log command in the View menu. You can also use the shortcut F9.

The Log is shown automatically just after you start a utility. It is closed automatically when the task is done, expect if there is warnings or errors,

Help -- Click this button to open the online help.

Clear -- Click this button to erase the content of the Log. It is cleared automatically at the beginning of each execution that uses the Log.

Save As -- Click this button to save the content of the Log into a text file.

Stop -- Click this button to stop a task in progress.

Keep on top -- Set this option to force the Log window to stay at the top of all windows.

Close -- Click this button to close the Log window. You can also press Escape.