MT Translation

To use this function:

  1. Make sure the option When the Clipboard content changes, do the following action is set.
  2. In the action list, select "Get translation from MT".
  3. Click the Options button and set the source and target language you want.

Once all is set, when you copy a text into the Clipboard, Albums send it to a machine translation engine and place the resulting translation into the Clipboard. If no translation has been found, the text remains the same as the original.

Note: This function requires Internet access.

MT Translation Options

Source language -- Enter the code of the source language (The language of the text you copy into the Clipboard).

Target language -- Enter the code of the target language (The language into which you want your translation).

Note that not all language pairs are possible. The available pairs depends on each machine translation engine.

Parameters -- Click this button to open a dialog box where you can specify the parameters needed to use the MT engine currently selected. Note that not all MT engines have parameters.

MT engine -- Select the machine translation engine to use.