How To Use Tikal

To run Tikal from a DOS prompt, you must either specify the full path to the executable, or have the PATH environment variable set to include the folder where the Tikal executable is located (by default: C:\Program Files\Okapi\Tikal).

All the examples in this documentation assume you have the PATH set so Tikal can be executed from anywhere.

The main functions of the application are the following:

C:\>tikal [<util> ]-eu <optFile>

Edits a utility options file. See the Edit Utility Options page for more details.

$ mono tikal.exe -ef <settings>

Using Mono, edits a filter parameters file. See the Edit Filter Parameters page for more details.

C:\>tikal [<util> ]-x <optFile>|- <input> <settings>[ <options>]

Executes a utility. See the Execute Utility page for more details.

C:\>tikal -?|-h|-help

Calls the help file.

C:\>tikal -lu

Lists all the utilities available on you system.

C:\>tikal -lf

Lists all the filters, variants, and default filter parameters available on your system.

C:\>tikal -cu

Checks if there are updates for Tikal.

C:\>tikal -sf

Opens your email system to send feedback about Tikal.

C:\>tikal -v

Lists the version information of the Okapi modules used by your Tikal executable.