How To Use Abacus

Abacus is a simple table where you can drop Trados CSV word count log files that result from the Trados Workbench analysis function.

Word Count Table

To add a CSV file into the table:

  • Drop the file on Abacus
  • Or: select Add Files from the File menu.

The consolidation is done as follow:

Trados CSV Abacus Consolidation
Context TM Exact Matches
100% Matches
Repetitions Repetitions
95% - 99% Fuzzy Matches
85% - 94%
75% - 84% No Matches
50% - 74%
No Match

The table contain one row for each analyzed file listed in the CSV files, one row for the total for each CSV file, and one row for the grand total of all files.

To see only the totals rows:

  • Press F3 to toggle between full view or view totals only.
  • Or: select Show Totals Only from the Options menu.

Move And Copy Mode

Abacus provides a way to go through the different word count values listed on its table and copy them into the Clipboard one after the other, so they can be copied into another application with a minimal effort.

  1. Make sure the Move And Copy Mode setting is enabled in the Options menu.
  2. Place the cursor on the first cell you want to copy and select Reset Copied Value Location from the Options menu (or press Ctrl+L). The value of the selected cell is copied into the Clipboard.
  3. Go to the application where you want to paste the values.
  4. Go to the field where you want the current value to be copied, and press Ctrl+V. this will paste the value into the field.
  5. Then, without leaving the application, press Shift+Ctrl+C. This will be catch by Abacus, and the cursor in the table will be moved to the next cell (which is the next column of the current row, or the first column of the next row, if the current cell is in the Exact Matches column). This command will also copy the value of the new cell into the Clipboard.
  6. Repeat step 4.

Note that the Total column is not part of the columns in the progression.

If you want to copy only the totals, make sure to display only the totals row (Select Show Totals Only from the Options menu.)