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IFilter Members

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IFilter overview

Public Instance Methods

CloseInput Closes the current input.
CloseOutput Closes the current output.
EditSettings Edits a specified parameters file for the filter.
GenerateAncillaryData Generates the ancillary data.
GetCurrentEncoding Gets the current encoding used to process the input file.
GetCurrentLanguage Gets the current language of the processed input.
GetDefaultDatatype Gets the default datatype identifier.
GetIdentifier Gets the identifier of the filter.
GetInputLanguage Gets the language of the input.
GetInterfaceVersion Gets the version of the IFilter interface the object implements.
GetItem Gets the current filter item.
GetLocalizationDirectives Get the current localization directives of the filter.
GetName Gets the name of the filter.
GetOutputLanguage Gets the language of the output.
GetSettingsString Gets the current settings string for the filter.
GetTranslatedItem Gets the translation of the current filter item.
GetVariantCount Gets the number of variants supported by the filter.
GetVariantDescription Gets the description of a specified variant of the filter.
GetVariantID Gets the identifier for a specified variant of the filter.
Initialize Initializes the filter object.
LoadSettings Loads the filter settings.
OpenInputFile Opens the file to process.
OpenInputString Set a given string as the input to process.
OpenOutputFile Creates the output file. Call SetOutputOptions before calling this method.
OpenOutputString Creates an output string.
QueryProperty Queries whether a specified property is supported by the filter.
ReadItem Reads the next item of the input file or input string.
ResetInput Resets the input.
SetAncillaryDirectory Sets the directory for the ancillary data.
SetLocalizationDirectives Passes a localization directives context to the filter.
SetOutputOptions Sets the options for the output. Call this method before calling OpenOutputFile.
UseOutputLayer Sets the layer information for the output.
WriteItem Writes the last item read.

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