Okapi .NET Library

IFilter.LoadSettings Method 

 [This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

Loads the filter settings.

[Visual Basic]
Function LoadSettings( _ 
   ByVal p_sFilterSettings As String, _ 
   ByVal p_bIgnoreErrors As Boolean _ 
) As Boolean
bool LoadSettings(
   string p_sFilterSettings,
   bool p_bIgnoreErrors
bool LoadSettings(
   String* p_sFilterSettings,
   bool p_bIgnoreErrors
function LoadSettings(
   String p_sFilterSettings,
   bool p_bIgnoreErrors
): bool;


Filter settings string.
True if no error is generated if the file cannot be loaded. False if the methods generates an error and return false when the file cannot be loaded.

Return Value

True if the settings could be loaded (or set to their defaults values), false if an error occured.


The filter settings string has the following syntax:




Loads the Okapi PO Filter with the parameters file named okf_po@myOptions.fprm located in the default Okapi Parameters folder. An error is generated if the file does not exist.

LoadSettings("okf_po@myOptions", true);
The actual file loaded will be C:\Program Files\Okapi\Shared\Parameters\okf_po@myOptions.fprm assuming the application is installed with its default parameters file location. The parameter could also have been okf_po@S%myOptions.fprm.

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