Okapi .NET Library

Okapi.Library.Filter Namespace

[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
DNLFile Implementation of the Do-Not-Localize list filee.
FilterAccess Single entry point for run-time filters.
FilterItem Default implementation for the IFilterItem interface.
FilterItemText Constant values for the filter item text formats
FilterItemType Constant values for the filter item type.
FilterOutputLayer Constant values for the filter output layers.
FilterProperty Constant values for the filter properties.
InlineCode Constant values for inline code types.
InlineCodeChar Character representation of the inline code types.
InlineCodeFinder Engine to find inline codes defined as regular expressions.
InlineCodeFinderForm Editor for InlineCodeFinder options.
LocalizationDirectives Default implementation for the ILocalizationDirectives interface.


Interface Description
IFilter Filter interface.
IFilterItem Filter item interface.
ILocalizationDirectives Localization directives interface.