Okapi .NET Library

IUtilitySet.SetOptions Method 

 [This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

Sets the options of the current utility.

[Visual Basic]
Sub SetOptions( _ 
   ByVal p_sValue As String _ 
void SetOptions(
   string p_sValue
void SetOptions(
   String* p_sValue
function SetOptions(
   String p_sValue


The string representation of the options.


The format of the string representation of the options for a given utility are entirely up to the implementer of the utility. The only requirement is that it must be compatible with XML 1.0. That is that no characters prohibited in XML 1.0 are present in the string. The string does not need to be escaped for XML.

If p_sValue is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) or empty, the options are set to their default values. Calling SetOption(""); or SetOption(null); is the same as calling SetDefaultOptions();.

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