Okapi .NET Library

IUtilitySet.EditOptions Method 

 [This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

Edits the current options of the current utility.

[Visual Basic]
Function EditOptions( _ 
   ByVal p_bPriorExecution As Boolean _ 
) As Boolean
bool EditOptions(
   bool p_bPriorExecution
bool EditOptions(
   bool p_bPriorExecution
function EditOptions(
   bool p_bPriorExecution
): bool;


Indicator if the utility will be executed just after the call to the method.

Return Value

True is the editing was successful. False if the user cancelled the edit or if an error occurred.


Use SetOptions or SetDefaultOptions to set the options before calling this method. You can the use GetOptions to retrieve the options after a successful edit.

The p_bPriorExecution parameter allows you to provide a different user interface (such as an "Execute" button instead of an "OK" button) if the calling program intend to execute the utility just after the method is called. The method itself should not run the utility.

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