Okapi .NET Library

IUtilitySet.Execute Method 

 [This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

Executes the current utility with the current options and parameters.

[Visual Basic]
Sub Execute( _ 
   ByVal p_bAllowPrompts As Boolean _ 
void Execute(
   bool p_bAllowPrompts
void Execute(
   bool p_bAllowPrompts
function Execute(
   bool p_bAllowPrompts


Indicates if the utility is allowed to prompt the user for various confirmations.


This method executes the utility currently active (set using the GetCurrentUtility property), with the options currently set (with the SetDefaultOptions method or the SetOptions property), and all the other input and output parameters specified. All errors, warnings, and messages are directed to the Log you have specified when calling the Initialize method.

When p_bAllowPrompts is set to false, the utility should run without prompting the user for any interactive input (such as confirmation of file overwrite, etc.)

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