Okapi .NET Library

ILocalizationDirectives Members

[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

ILocalizationDirectives overview

Public Instance Methods

GetInterfaceVersion Gets the version of the ILocalizationDirectives interface the object implements.
Initialize Initializes the log to use with this localization directives context.
IsInDNLList Queries if a given item is listed in the DNL lists.
IsLocalizable Indicates if the current context is localizable or not.
IsWithinScope Indicates if there is currently a directive that would apply.
LoadDNLFile Loads the corresponding DNL list file of the p_sBasePath file. If no corresponding file exists, no data is loaded and no error is reported.
LocalizeOutside Indicates if the extractable items outside the localization directives markers should be extracted.
Process Processes a text with localization directives.
Reset Resets the context.
SetOptions Sets the main processing options.
UseDirectives Indicates if localization directives should be taken into account.
UseDNLFile Indicates if existing Do-Not-Localize list file should be taken into account.

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